November 18, 2013

3 Critical Content Errors harming the SEO efforts of E-commerce Websites!

Christmas is coming near and consumers are gung-ho about shopping online! With more and more consumers resorting to online stores for their A-la-carte shopping requirements, e-commerce merchants need to have their store clean and optimized. Listing multiple products and waiting for the search engines to boost traffic on their website would not work anymore. A strong SEO backed up by good inventory, quick delivery; alternative payment options etc. will be helpful for conversions.

Monks discover some most common search engine optimization errors, e-commerce websites fall prey to:

1. Missing out on product descriptions

Unfortunately, most search engines like bringing sites with unique content on the top rank and most online retailers and e-commerce merchants miss out here as they either use no product descriptions or duplicate descriptions on the product pages. Writing a quality product brief and descriptions will not only help consumers to make a better purchase but also help in the SEO perspective. Also, most merchants do not optimize such content. Having a content with the right keywords drafted in precise way helps indexing page in a more fruitful way.

2. Lack of credibility and social proof

Reviews and ratings play a vital role as far as SEO is concerned. Product reviews form a part of User Generated Content and as each review adds variety of unique content, it helps to boost the SEO effort. Incorporating review and rating on product page also helps in creating credibility and increased conversion. With constant reviews, sites keep on automatically updating with regular fresh content leading to enhanced search engine popularity.

3. No detailed Product Information

Content is not restricted to product description and reviews only. Having detailed product information and timely updates also help boost the SEO efforts. To do so, it is important that merchants use model number and brand name in headings, provide ALT text to the images, use important FAB’s in the subsequent headings and avoid stuffing repeated keywords.

Summing up, SEO is one of the critical aspects of any e-commerce website and improved visibility on search engines means better brand positioning and top of the mind recall leading to better conversion. Improved content also helps in reducing the bounce rates. You can use professional agencies like Commerce Monks that can provide one stop e-commerce solutions right from image processing, content optimization, SEO to store management and anything in that range.

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